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Chapters #3-4

Chapters 3 and 4 – Questions 4 and 5

1-    In chapter 3, many different (sometimes little) events give us some insight about Mark and Bryon’s relationship.
Identify the elements that give us that insight on the boys’ relationship.
For each event that you list, explain what it says about their relationship.

        i.            Mark knows Bryon cares about his appearance and the way he dresses. He knows there is a dance coming so he gave a blue shirt, to the right size to Bryon. For a matter of fact, they both know blue is the color that fits well Bryon. Bryon is pleased. He doesn’t know if Mark stole it or bought it but it doesn’t matter, the point is that Mark brought it for him. It shows how connected they are: Mark definitely knows that Bryon will be happy and touched. Moreover,

      ii.             “-Listen Bryon, [] when we get there, at the hospital, stay with me O.K? [] -I’m not taking this trip for a ride, I said.” (p.60) 
            Obviously, Bryon is loyal to Mark and won’t abandon him. Moreover, Mark needs Bryon’s company and he is not shy to ask him to stay with him at the hospital. They are really like brothers; they take care of each other no matter what. Considering that they were at their dance, Bryon didn’t matter to leave with Mark without telling Cathy (his date).

2-   After reading chapter 4, explain the relevance and the meaning of the title of the book. Include two quotes from chapter 4 to illustrate your opinion.

“Do you ever get the feeling that the whole thing is changing? Like somethin’ is coming to an end because somethin’ else is beginning? ” (p.68)

“-But there’s a difference. I wonder what the difference is? [] “-The difference is, “I said evenly, “That was then, this is now”.” (p.69)

That was then, this is now: it explains well how things changes.  As we are getting older, we grow apart our friends and our gang to define ourselves.  In a certain way the past is over and we can’t change it but our action in the present represents well who we are. When we change, we don’t see things like we used to.  Mark and Bryon used to have a lot of fun with their gang. They were so close that they would do anything for each other. But time is flying and there comradeship changed. They are not as closed as they used to be with their friends. They don’t need each other as much as before to make who they are.

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