lundi 3 décembre 2012

Chapters # 5-6

6-   Were you surprised by Charlie’s death in chapter 5? Why/Why not?  In your opinion, what will be the consequences of this death for Bryon and Mark?

At first, I was surprised but it was kind of predictable: When the guy pointed them with his gun than shot, we know Charlie protected Bryon and obviously went in front of him. Unfortunately he got shoot above his eye. I think the consequences will be between Bryon and Mark. They don’t think alike. Bryon was so shocked by the death of Charlie and was thinking of it usually. He had changed since the accident, and grew apart of Mark. They maybe will separate one day because they will become too much different of each other.

7-   In chapter 6, Cathy and Mark’s relationship evolves.  How do they feel about one another?  What events prove that?

They don’t really appreciate each other. They kind of are fighting for Bryon: clearly Cathy likes Bryon; they’re dating. Mark on the other side is mad to lose his best friend, his brother for a “chick”. So they don’t stand each other and moreover, in the car (when they were going to the Ribbon) they started arguing. Mark got pissed off and just left to go join another friend. Bryon is stuck in between and don’t say anything. He doesn’t want to lose neither of them.

8-   Chapter 6 ends with M&M running away.  What do you think makes M&M choose to do that?

 He is unfortunately living an unhappy life at home. He has his father who is always around commenting and criticizing everything he does. They don’t accept M&M as he is. His long hair, the way he dresses and the way he thinks should not be a reason to not love him as their child. It is not because he is different than the others that he is a bad kid.

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