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Chapters # 9-10-11

Questions 13 to 17

13- Which clues should have indicated to Bryon that Mark was selling drugs?
First, he was bringing home more money than he never brought. Secondly, when Bryon and Mark went to the hippie house, everybody knew Mark. They were all saluting him. Mark had probably have been there few times to sell his drugs and make money.  He was the only one who knew where M&M was hiding.  He might have sold him drugs occasionally. Also, Mark was being more and more distant with Bryon. We all thought it was because of Cathy but it could also have a link with the fact that he was selling drugs.

14- In your opinion, why did Bryon call the cops on Mark?
Bryon was so surprised by what he had found in Mark’s hiding spot. He couldn’t believe it. Moreover, he just came from the hospital where M&M was hospitalized. He had seen in so much bad condition Cathy’s brother was. It was all because of drugs. M&M was in a certain danger. The doctors didn’t know if he would survive and live a normal life again. Bryon panicked, and there was a chance that all of this happen to M&M because of Mark. He didn’t know what to do else than call de cops.

15- In your opinion, why did Bryon and Cathy’s relationship end?

Bryon had changed. He wasn’t the same since he got Mark in jail. The days following this event, Bryon wasn’t really active. He wasn’t even thinking of Cathy anymore. He had lost all his feeling. Bryon didn’t know who he was. He had lost himself, lost his best friend and now Cathy to. When she came by to see how he was doing, Bryon was so harsh on Cathy and didn’t even bother. Since then, he was going to school, and going to work but that is all: he wasn’t the same Bryon kind and sweet.

16- What did you think of the ending? Was it predictable? What part of the story foreshadowed such an ending? 
I think it wasn’t that much predictable. In my opinion, we could foreshadow the ending when Bryon called the cops. That was the turning point where we realise about Mark’s secret. I think it is unfortunate that Bryon’s life was torn apart. Everything in his life was getting better. He had a rough time after Charlie’s death but he had Mark and Cathy to support him. Everything went down when he found M&M and right after Mark’s drugs. From then, we could guess the end of the story. We also could understand the title of the book.

17- In your opinion, did Bryon do the right thing by calling the police on Mark? Explain.
I honestly don’t know if it was the best thing to do. It is obviously wrong what Mark had done, but if Bryon had talked to him before calling the cops, could he have changed without being arrested?  Maybe Bryon overreacted to the situation and called to fast the cops, but he was all mixed up and troubled because of M&M situation at the hospital. He was angry that Mark did such bad things. He probably felt guilty that his girlfriend’s brother was in bad shape and that was maybe his best friend’s fault. Indeed, calling the cops and putting Mark in jail made torn them apart definitively. Mark would never forgive Bryon.

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